martes, 14 de marzo de 2017

Food for thought

This one and other interesting posters have been made or designed by our ESO and bachillerato students to decorate the walls and to make us think a bit about topics that should never be forgotten!!

jueves, 28 de abril de 2016


We are in 2016, and the 23rd of April is a very significant date. For various reasons: first, because we celebrate St George, and the book day, a day when we revise and celebrate our books, new publications, and many people give books as presents, in Cataluña they also give a rose to their beloved ones. Secondly, and more so this year, because it is the 400 anniversary of the death of probably the two most magnificent writers of universal literature. Shakespeare and Cervantes!! 
We didn't want to celebrate only one or the other so we have organised some activities to commemorate both authors,  their stories, their works. 
The students of 1bach and 3eso have created wonderful posters about these topics, some of them both in English and Spanish, great work!!!
And the group of 4eso, a great crowd of artists, have done a fabulous play based on a script created for the occasion:
"Perdona, Romeo, pero Julieta me queries a mi". The script is a hilarious and crazy idea, the loves described in the artists' masterpieces go foolishly wrong  but somehow end up happily. 
Don't miss it on stage in the School Festival!!!
Thank you very much, boys and girls, for your huge talent!!!!!

viernes, 1 de abril de 2016

10th anniversary of 4.ESO's trip to UK

This year will also be special!!!
Our students have been traveling to the UK for ten years, making it a fantastic experience and learning lots about the language and above all, how formative and wonderful it is to travel!
Hopefully, this opportunity will continue in the next years 👍👍

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2016


Long time no see...!!!!
Today was St Patrick!!! There wasn't much celebration in school, mainly because after the term exams we are all so very tired and ready to break up for the holidays...
Still, some girls are always up to something different...

jueves, 23 de abril de 2015

Last 7th April our ESO students attended to a very special play at the beautiful Teatro Principal in Santiago. Based on the brilliant book by Mary Shelley and adapted to our students' level, the show Frankenstein was the perfect vehicle for students to practise their English, at the same time that they enjoyed the performance of one of the greatest stories ever written. 

Going to London was one of the best experiences of our 4th ESO students! They had the opportunity to see this beautiful city, soaking up everything around them and taking part in several activities, like visiting the most important places in London: Tower Bridge, London Eye, Buckingham Palace...They even attended to a press conference at Wembley!